EMI Solutions Pvt Ltd, known in short as EMIS, is the only one company in India, presently dedicated for providing Total Solutions related to EMI. The company manufacturing and trading in house test facility is capable of providing a ONE STOP SHOP for all EMI and trading related works.

EMIS manufactures Power line filters in a wide range from the smallest current of less than 1Amps to very high current of 2500Amps for application in Consumer electronics, Industrial automation, Medical, Telecom and Defence. These filters are certified as per CSA/C-US safety regulations. EMIS Filters are also certified by NEMKO for EN standards. Filters meeting military specifications (MIL/JSS) are also offered by EMIS. EMIS also has technical expertise to design and develop EMI filters as per customer specification. We also have the adequate test facilities as per IEC 60939-1 & IEC 60939-2.

EMIS has set up an NABL accredited commercial/Military EMC Test lab which offers EMC Test facility to local industries as per International standards and offers technical consultancy on EMC. EMIS also offers field testing of machineries for EMC compliance. EMIS has participated in the development of filters for prestigious programs of high end Military equipments by various organizations under defence R & D.

With a view to offer “Total solutions to EMI”, EMIS also offers various EMI suppression components like filter plates / filter connectors / EMI Gaskets / windows / Air vents / Harmonic / Sine / dUdt filters etc., from internationally leading companies in the respective fields.