"On behalf of the EMIS team, I would like to thank all our clients and associates for their trust and support without which our success will not be possible.

It is our constant endeavour to deliver top quality products and solutions to meet our customer's exact needs. Highly skilled and motivated employees of EMIS contribute to our company's growth and success story."

Avinash Koorgailu

Director KSI Group. Director EMIS


About Us

EMI Solutions was founded in 1998 with a single-minded passion to deal with the entire range of EMI related problems and solutions. We deliver both standard manufactured and custom designed components. In addition, our state-of-the art EMI test facility and technical consultancy services give our customers the convenience of TOTAL SOLUTIONS TO EMI/EMC under one roof.

In 2019, EMIS became a member of the prestigious KSI group, a pioneer and market leader in electro-mechanical components and solutions in India.

With satisfied customers in over 15 countries, EMIS has a steadily expanding global footprint. We pride in our commitment to deliver EMI solutions that meet our customer's exact requirements. We have been consistently chosen as a preferred EMI solutions provider to several industries in the Military, Medical electronics, Home appliances, Renewable Energy, Telecom sectors.


Mission & Vision



EMI Solutions is dedicated first and foremost to the production of the highest quality EMI / EMC products to meet the needs and demands of our customers while achieving a steady growth in shareholder value. This shall be realized through continuous communication between management, employees, suppliers and customers and by timely investments to improve the processes, systems, equipment and use of human resources.

We intend to expand our presence in the marketplace by the development of new products and also by exploration of other areas for growth on a continual basis.



EMI Solutions is committed to accomplish continuous growth by achieving a sustainable share of our presence in the Indian and International marketplace in the field of EMI / EMC. We shall strive to reach our goals by meeting the needs and expectations of our customers with continuous improvements in quality, productivity, value and new product offerings to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction, by involving our employees and suppliers.

We shall continually set standards of excellence, both personally and professionally, which ascertains the dedication to achieve our goals and fulfilment of this vision statement.

Company Timeline

  • April 1998

    EMIS is established. In a journey spanning over 2 decades, EMIS has become a market leader for EMI/RFI solutions in India.

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    March 2000

    EMIS becomes an ISO 9001 Certified company.

  • July 2001

    EMIS starts the EMC test lab facility.

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    November 2002

    Our EMC test lab gets Accreditation as per Inhouse testing facility or lab for EMC testing.

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    April 2006

    EMIS Commercial Filters gets the International Safety certification as per CSA/C-US. EMI Filters is the first brand manufactured in India with the CSA safety approvals.

  • March 2008

    EMIS develops Military grade Chamber filters with >80dB suppression from 14KHz to 30GHz. Filters rated for 400Hz AC applications are also covered in this range.

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    May 2012

    EMIS receives an additional international certification for the Filters "NEMKO" as per EN60939.

  • July 2013

    EMIS begins its association with Indian Military R&D in developing full range of Facility Filters. EMIS also successfully develops HEMP Filters up to 1500Amps as per MIL188-125 and gets certification from the recognized test laboratory.

  • August 2014

    EMIS develops power line feed through capacitors & feed through filters Up to 600 Amps for 250V AC application. Considering large export volumes, large investments are made on production and Test equipment.

  • August 2015

    EMIS power line feed through capacitors & manufacturing facilities received the international Safety certification as per CSA/C-US and UL 1283.

  • November 2015

    EMIS receives approval for power line feed through capacitors as per CSA 22.2

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    February 2016

    EMIS receives ISO14001: 2004 certification

  • April 2019

    KSI Group completes acquisition of EMI Solutions. KSI group product portfolio also includes KS Instruments and KWK resistors.

Ethics and Compliance

Ethical Leadership

At EMIS, the interests of customers, suppliers, employees and stakeholders are given priority over other considerations. The company has built and nurtured partnerships over decades with customers and suppliers.

The company leadership firmly believes in setting and practising high standards of integrity, firm commitment to set goals and building mutually rewarding relationships.

Apart from business success, the company is also highly committed to fulfilling corporate social responsibility and environmental conservation. We strictly maintain our compliance to governmental regulations and tax obligations.

Employee welfare

A large number of EMIS employees are also long term veterans and highly valued members of the KSI group family. We take particular care of the professional growth and personal welfare of all our employees.

We ensure our employees skills are continuously enriched through on-going training and skill development programs. Employee engagement programmes like Kaizen and other team building initiatives are conducted periodically.

We take our employee safety very seriously. All the safety gear applicable for every station is exhaustively listed and strictly enforced.

Our employees are paid above industry average wages. We also pay higher overtime wages than the government stipulated rates. We firmly believe that attractive monetary incentives are a good way to show employees that the company cares for them and values their contribution to organization building.

Apart from caring for our employees, we also look out for their families. Education scholarships for all children of staff is one of our flagship welfare initiatives. We also have comprehensive health care schemes for staff and family.

Process Flow

  • Requirement

    The engineering team engages extensively with the customer representatives to understand the customer requirement. Depending on the suitability and feasibility analysis, the customer is either directed towards the standard product catalogue or a customised solution is worked out.

  • Design and Development

    During the internal design process, the design inputs are evaluated through strict ISO standards to produce a comprehensive design output. In the case of a customised solution being offered, the design is confirmed with the customer team.

  • Inspection and Validation

    The EMI components design and integrated product solution is then validated thoroughly, to meet customer requirements. The test facilities required to meet industry standards are available in house at EMIS.

  • Manufacture and Assembly

    EMIS has a flexible and efficient state- of-the-art in house manufacturing facility. The manufacturing and component assembly process can be tuned to support even low volumes or short lead times.

  • Packaging and Documentation

    Our component deliveries are supported with excellent packaging and elaborate product documentation. The goal is to ensure easy installation and deployment at the customer site.

  • Delivery

    EMIS arranges for customer product deliveries through its own forwarders or work with customer nominated forwarders.

Statistics at a glance

  • 3.5Million

    units manufactured till date

  • 1000+

    Person years of experience

  • 7+

    Certifications and Awards

  • 30%

    sales is export oriented

  • 30%

    sales is in the Defense sector

  • 40%

    sales is in the domestic commercial market

  • Product ratings – Single Phase and Three Phase. Covers entire market Sectors. Range supported (DC to 690VAC and 0.5A to 2500A)

Customer Base