EMI Filters for Power Quality Applications


Common electrical devices distort the AC wave form and thereby cause power quality issues. Power quality affects the ability of electrical equipment to consume the energy supplied to it. Issues such as electrical harmonics, poor power factor, voltage instability and imbalance impact on the efficiency of electrical equipment. This has undesirable consequences of higher energy usage/costs, higher maintenance costs, equipment instability and failure.


Harmonic power line filters, PFC Coils and Line Reactors address power line harmonics and power quality issues associated with the high frequency switching designs.

Harmonic filters reduce electrical and thermal stress upon the electrical infrastructure, eliminate the risk of harmonics-related reliability problems, and support long-term energy efficiency and cost savings. The use of Harmonic filters is necessary to obtain compliance with international standards like IEEE 519-1992 or EN 61000-3-12.

EMIS offers

Single Phase EMI Filters

High attenuation, compact size. Available also with shock proof terminals.

  • Power line filters
  • Surge Suppressors
  • Filters for dV / dt voltage spikes

3 Phase filters

General purpose, cost effective filters. High performance with shock proof terminals. Passive and active Harmonic Filters for harmonic mitigation in Power Systems.

  • Conventional type
  • Book shelf design
  • Foot Print Design
  • Bus bar type
  • Panel mount

AC Line Reactors

Used at input side of power system to provide input impedance. Helps to reduce harmonic distortion and increase VFD component lifetime, limit the flow of electrical current in transient, short circuit currents, attenuate line spikes and surge currents.

  • Single phase and three phase Line Reactors with 2-5% impedance for various power quality applications
  • Consisting of steel core electrical grade laminations and copper wound coils.
  • Designed corresponding to EN 61558-2-20, EN 60076-6, UL61800-5-1 specifications.
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