EMI Filters for Renewable Energy Applications


Alternate energy sources such as solar and wind energy have gained mainstream focus in the recent times as they are clean, efficient and renewable sources of energy. In Photo-voltaic generation, diodes incorporated in the solar cells convert light into a continuous electrical current (DC). In Wind Turbine generation, wind energy is converted into electricity by a mechanical turbine (horizontal or vertical) that rotates the electricity generator.


In both these renewable energy generation applications, the heart of the system consists of a power converter which transforms the electricity generated into AC mains frequency (50 or 60 Hz) used in industrial and residential applications. Electronic power converters are based on high frequency switching that generate electrical noise in both high and low frequency ranges.

EMI filters are designed and manufactured specifically for these applications to limit the noise generated to an acceptable safe level.

Many countries in the world have their own safety standards for EMI filters. So they should be selected based on what is approved by the safety standards of the countries to which the device will be exported.

EMIS offers

EMIS filters product range includes a wide variety of filters that are cost effective, compact size, and come with multiple mounting options. They support high contact reliability with shock proof terminals. Our filters also provide good attenuation from incoming interference.

Our filters are fully compliant with international Industry Standards such as CE Marking. They are designed in accordance with CAN/CSA-E60384-14:09 specifications. Custom built filters are available on customer request.

Single Phase EMI Filters

  • Power line filters
  • Surge Suppressors for EMP suppression
  • Filters for dV / dt voltage spikes

3 Phase filters

Passive Harmonic Filters for harmonic mitigation in Power Systems.

Feed through filters and capacitors

compact and leadless.

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