HEMP Power Line Filters

High-altitude Electro-Magnetic Pulses (HEMP) generated from both natural and intentional sources can cause disturbance and damage to ground based electrical systems, aircraft, and vehicles.

A solar flare, nuclear explosion, lightning strike and such events can cause a major blast of electromagnetic energy that spreads out in all directions.

HEMP filters are designed to protect specific electrical assemblies, or sub-assemblies from HEMP Pulses. The EMP/HEMP filters protect electronics equipment by absorbing the potentially destructive EMP voltage and current within the filter before it reaches the electronic devices.

  • Voltage Range

    230 VAC for Single Phase,

    440 VAC for three Phase

  • Current Range

    Up to 2000A

  • Phase

    Single, Three

  • Operating Frequency


Product Specification

HEMP protection methods are according to the following MIL specifications:

  • Fixed Equipment: MIL-STD 188–125–1
  • Transportable Equipment: MIL- STD 188-125–2
  • IEC 61000

HEMP power line filters are designed to withstand all the E1, E2 and E3 pulse types. These components are subjected to the PCI test and must match the shielding effectiveness as stated in MIL-STD-188-125.


  • Military – Power Line POE for shielding chambers, Radar systems, Airborne Communication Systems
  • Power systems and power grids
  • Medical systems – MRI scanning rooms
  • Test & measurement equipment
  • Commercial, industrial infrastructure

What EMIS Offers

EMIS has a strong presence in solutions for HEMP (High altitude Electromagnetic Pulse). High reliability, MIL-grade solutions not only provide one of the smallest footprints available in the market, but also the added flexibility of widely ranging interconnect options for ease of integration into existing systems.

  • Single/Three Phase HEMP Filters
  • Solutions for all 3 types of EM Pulses (E1,E2,E3)
  • Can handle natural and man-made events such as Nuclear explosions (Intentional) or Solar Flare or Geomagnetic storm (Natural)
  • Architectural, Mechanical and Structural solutions for POE

EMIS holds the distinction of being the first Indian company to fully comply with MIL-STD 188-128 standard requirements.

Mounting, Construction, Ratings

  • Solutions for all 3 types of EM Pulses (E1: 5kA 20/550ns pulse, E2: 250A 1.5µs/4000ms pulse, E3: 1000A 0.2/20s pulse)
  • Nominal Voltage : 230 VAC for Single Phase and 440 VAC for Three Phase
  • Frequencies covered: 10KHz to 3GHz
  • Insertion Loss: 20dB to 80dB

Note: Customer specific solutions are also delivered on request, apart from filters and shielding solutions from the product catalog. Very High attenuation Filters Up to 40GHz can be made as per customer request.