EMI Filters for Medical & Healthcare Industry


Efficient handling of EMI/EMC is critical to the Medical industry. Instruments used in hospitals, labs and diagnostic centres are prone to high levels of emission and also have high susceptibility to ambient EMI. Since the impact of EMI related disturbance/damage can cost human lives, the standards of compliance and testing for medical applications are very stringent.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US is the governing body that regulates electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) between various devices in the premises - both medical and non-medical. There are different compliance standards in various other countries.

The need for EMI/EMC protection in the medical industry covers the entire spectrum of medical equipment ranging from:

  • MRI, CT scan, X-Ray, ECG and other scanning equipment in hospitals and labs
  • Implanted devices (embedded inside humans) such as pacemakers
  • Small diagnostic instruments that are increasingly used at patents' homes
  • Medical aids like electrical powered wheelchairs, hearing aids

Medical devices at labs and homes also need to be protected from external EMI that could be generated from a whole host of domestic equipment like mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, and Bluetooth speakers. The primary immunity threats are radiated immunity, power disturbances and electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Extensive EMI testing, especially onsite testing is carried out to certify the compliance levels to EMI/EMC. The primary standard required by the CDRH/ FDA in the US is IEC 60601-1-2: International Electro-technical Commission – Medical Electrical Equipment - Part 1-2: General Requirements for Safety - Collateral standard: Electromagnetic Compatibility - Requirements and Tests.

Sophisticated equipment like MRI scans are generally housed in shielded and secured places within hospitals where external devices like mobile phones are avoided using physical checks. But these devices are to be protected from EMI generated from multiple components internal to these machines.

Minimising the Leakage Current from electrical equipment used in healthcare, especially devices which come in direct contact with patients (such as ventilators, lasers, syringe pumps, etc) is of critical importance. Filters used must have adequate clearance and basic insulation for this purpose.

EMIS Offers:

  • Compliance to standards

    Our solutions are known for their uncompromising technical compliance to standards

  • DSIR recognised R&D Lab

    EMIS houses sophisticated and fully equipped testing facilities at our EMI/EMC testing laboratory in Bangalore, India.

  • Inhouse testing facility or lab for EMC testing Certified

    Our test facility is Inhouse testing facility or lab for EMC testing - National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories

  • ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Standard

    We also support on-site testing in compliance with international standards.

EMIS product portfolio for medical applications

We have a wide range of input filters to reduce conducted and radiated EMI. Our product range also meets requirements concerning EMI susceptibility which support the entire frequency spectrum. We deliver associated products for adequate grounding, shielding and cabling to manage radiated emissions. Our facility filters comply with the highest international standards of conducted and radiated emission tests.

Our single and three phase filter series guarantee to limit the leakage currents below 0.5 mA in order to meet the requirements of the medical standards IEC/EN 60601 for equipment with patient contact or other medical environments.

EMIS Filters and components range -

Depending on the installation site and application, several components are available for EMI protection. EMIS has a wide range of high end filters for applications up to 15 GHz frequency range for medical applications. These filters are available up to 2500 Amps rated current.

  • Single Phase Filters and 3 Phase (COTS) for extreme temperature and ambient conditions
  • Tempest Filters for scanning chambers and measurement equipment
  • IEC inlet filters in X-Ray machines and diagnostic equipment to suppress undesirable electrical disturbances in power lines
  • Feed-through components – Capacitors and filters to remove RF noise
  • Choke Coils, Grounding and Shielding material suitable for MRI and other scanning chambers
  • Cabling and Routing solutions
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EMIS testing and consultancy services for medical specifications

  • Expert engineering and consulting team provide support to design, plan, execute, inspect and verify EMI compliant systems. EMIS can help customers with their products to meet International EMI/EMC standard compliance by providing suitable solutions within a short time span.
  • The effectiveness of an EMC filter must be tested inside the medical equipment for comprehensive analysis.
  • Conducted Emission Test (Single phase up to 16A, 3 phase up to 63A) as per CISPR 11/BS EN55011 standards
  • Immunity Test as per standards
  • Radiated Emission Test (Open Area Test Site - 3M) as per CISPR 11/BS EN55011, IEC 61000-6-3, IEC 61000-6-4 standards
  • Hi-Pot, Leakage Current, Overload and other lab tests
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