Multi Line AC/DC Control Line HEMP Filter

High-altitude Electro-Magnetic Pulses (HEMP) generated from both natural and intentional sources can cause disturbance and damage to military and industrial installations by getting transmitted through signal/control lines.

EMP/HEMP control line filters protect telecommunication and electronic equipment by absorbing the potentially destructive EMP voltage and current within the filter before it reaches the devices.

HEMP control line filters are designed to withstand all the E1, E2 and E3 pulse types. These components are subjected to the PCI test and must match the shielding effectiveness as stated in MIL-STD-188-125.

  • Voltage Range

    24VDC/30VDC /48VDC/68VDC / 120VAC / 230VAC

  • Current Range

    1 to 6A

  • Application

    High security government agencies

Product Specification


  • Very easy to Install
  • No. of Lines can be made as per customer requirements
  • Models with varies Voltages , Currents and Pairs available


Signal/control lines for various application areas:

  • Military – Power Line POE for shielding chambers, Radar systems, Airborne Communication Systems
  • Medical systems – MRI scanning rooms and diagnostic facilities
  • High security government agencies
  • Banking and financial services
  • Data centers and server rooms
  • Test & measurement equipment

What EMIS Offers

EMIS range of AC/DC Control Line Filters provide very effective noise attenuation for a wide range of military and industrial applications.

Our Multi Line HEMP Filters support filtering of Up to 32 Lines. They have very low power requirements.

All lines are individually filtered. The filters guarantee good attenuation for both continuous and transient EMI noise.

These filters are classified under unrestricted lines of Intra-site of MIL STD- 188-125-1 of Data and Tested for the same. They meet the insertion loss requirements and provide protection at every pair.

Standards :
MIL-STD-188-125-1&2 (E1 & E2 Pulse)
E1: Input 1.8kA, Residual: <2.5A
E2: Input 250A, No Damage
IEC 61000-6-2

Mounting, Construction, Ratings

  • Nominal Voltages : 24VDC/30VDC /48VDC/68VDC / 120VAC / 230VAC
  • Current Ratings : 1 to 6A
  • Number of Lines : 2 , 4 , 6 and 8

Note: Customer specific solutions are also delivered on request, apart from filters and shielding solutions from the product catalog.