KSI acquires EMIS

K.S. Instruments Pvt Ltd, a global leader in the manufacture of Electrical and Electronic Components since 1979 has recently acquired EMI Solutions Pvt.Ltd.  EMIS is one of the largest EMI/RFI Filter manufacturers in India. We announce the addition of EMIS into the KSI group with great pleasure.

With this acquisition, KSI has broadened its product range to cover the entire spectrum of electrical/electronic components and solutions ranging from resistors, transformers, chokes and EMI/RFI filters. As a result, we are
envisioning an accelerated growth path and a global footprint for KSI group of companies. KWK resistors, a market leader in resistor components is also part of the KSI group.

EMIS has the strength of a successful product line with the manufacture of EMI / RFI filters with very high-quality standards. These products can now leverage the robust international distribution and sales network that the KSI group has already built over the decades. As a result, the KSI group would be able to offer a wide and integrated product range to its customers.

The KSI management has successfully and meticulously integrated the product operations, human resources and finances of both the companies. At the same time maintaining the individual strengths and identities of the individual companies.

One of key considerations during the take-over of EMIS was to ensure zero disruption to customers and solution deliveries. We were able to achieve this, thanks to the committed work force of both the companies.

Our sincere thanks to the customers and distributors of EMIS for their whole-hearted support and endorsement towards this move. Under the young and dynamic leadership of the KSI group that has newly taken over the reins of EMIS, the company is committed to nourishing existing relationships and building new world-wide customer partnerships.

As a first step towards fulfilling our vision for EMIS, we are delighted to share information about a major expansion plan. We are set to expand the EMIS product line with the launch of Harmonic Filters, feed-through filters and miniature feed-through filters, by end of the year. Eagerly looking forward to the exciting journey ahead!

More about KS Instruments – KSI is a global leader in the design and manufacture of Power resistors and allied products. It was established in 1973. In 2014, the resistor business was separated as KWK Resistors India Pvt Ltd to better manage the fast-growing business with dedicated focus. KSI continues to manufacture Electrical Junction boxes and Low Tension Instrument Transformers for the power generation industry.

More about EMI Solutions – EMI Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001-2008 and 14001-2004 certified company that specializes in providing Total Solutions to EMI and RFI requirements. EMIS products are manufactured with International safety certifications CSA/C-US & NEMKO. EMIS manufactures Single Phase and Three Phase power line filters which are custom-designed to meet electrical and mechanical requirements of our customers.

More about KWK Resistors – KWK Resistors India is an award winning company in the business of design and manufacturing of a wide variety of resistors. These resistors find application in diverse domains such as elevators and cranes, healthcare, lighting and automotives in addition to usage in the defence sector. KWK Resistors India Private Limited is a Joint Venture between three leading Power Resistor manufacturers – K S Instruments Pvt Ltd India, Krah Group Germany and Widap Switzerland.

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