Three Phase Passive Harmonic filter

Harmonics are current and voltage waveform distortions in power supply that generate heat in the power delivery equipment and can cause severe damage.

Harmonics can cause excessive tripping of circuit breakers, transformer failures and also impact the Power Factor.

Harmonic Filters are LCR combination circuits that are capable of removing unwanted harmonic currents.Passive Harmonic Filters are designed to provide an alternate path for the harmonic currents and thus keep the main supply lines close to the fundamental frequency. Harmonic Current will pass through the filter which can be grounded.

  • Voltage Range


  • Application

    Motor Drives

  • Operating Frequency


Product Specification


  • Variable Frequency Drives and various adjustable speed drive systems
  • Electronic power supplies, DC chargers and UPS
  • Power grids
  • Pump and fan applications
  • Diode Rectifier
  • HVAC
  • Industrial automation

What EMIS Offers

EMIS Passive harmonic filters are designed and manufactured to provide an economical solution in harmonic mitigation in Power Systems by maintaining THID 5% in compliance with current and voltage requirements of IEEE 519.

They are effective in suppressing harmonic currents and decreasing voltage distortion occurring in the sensitive parts of the Power system.

  • Rugged, low cost, low maintenance
  • Reduces losses
  • Prevents overheating of components
  • Eliminates nuisance tripping
  • High attenuation of individual harmonics

Mounting, Construction, Ratings

Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage : 3X380-415VAC
Operating Frequency : 50/60Hz
Type : 3 Phase 3 Wire
Nominal Motor Drive input power rating : 1.1KW to 75KW @400VAC
Total harmonic Current Distortion : 5% at 100% load

Note: Custom built passive harmonic filters are available on Customer request.