Three Phase Reactor – 4% IMP

These series range of AC line reactors are designed to be used in Power distribution (Line side of Drive) provide input impedance which helps reduce harmonic distortion and increase VFD component lifetime.

  • Voltage Range


  • Current Range

    6A to 500A

  • Application

    Power Quality Applications

  • Operating Frequency


Product Specification


  • Reduction of main harmonics
  • Impedance at 4%
  • Protection of motor drive electronics
  • Limitations of inrush Currents
  • Prevention from nuisance tripping caused by power line
    voltage spikes
  • Improvement of true power factor
  • Reduce Power Distortion and Low Ripple
  • Comply with Industry standards


  • Power Quality Applications
  • Motor Drives and Various adjustable speed drive systems such as: Elevators, Robotics, Machinery
  • Harmonics Reduction
  • Process Automation Equipment