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KSI Group acquires EMIS

K.S. Instruments Pvt Ltd, a global leader in the manufacture of Electrical and Electronic Components since 1979 has recently acquired EMI Solutions Pvt. Ltd. EMIS is one of the largest EMI/RFI Filter manufacturers in India. We announce the addition of EMIS into the KSI group with great pleasure. Read-More

EMI Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is an ISO 9001-2008 and 14001-2004 certified company specialized in providing “Total Solutions to EMI”. EMIS products are manufactured with International safety certifications CSA/C-US & NEMKO and the company are exclusively dedicated to providing “Total Solutions to EMI/RFI” related problems.

EMIS manufactures Single Phase and Three Phase power line filters which are available in the Rated current starting from 0.5 Amps up to 2500 Amps with Voltage Ratings 110/230/440/520 and 600 VAC in a different style of packaging. EMIS is also manufacturing and supplying customized filters which are designed to meet Electrical / Mechanical requirements as per customer’s specifications.

EMIS has now a wide range of high-end filters for applications up to 40 GHz frequency range, which is used in Military and Medical MRI applications. These filters are available up to 2500 Amps rated current.

EMIS makes products for Power Surge Protection ranges from the RC suppressor for Relay Contact, Surge Protectors for Drives / Switching circuits, Lighting protectors, Tempest filters and High Altitude Electromagnetic (HEMP) filters for protection against Atomic and Solar Burst.

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Your support has helped us grow consistently to be one India’s one of the largest EMI/RFI Filter manufacturer. We are happy to inform you that EMI Solutions is now a part of the KSI group. Read-More