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We Know Your EMI/EMC Challenges

Your EMI Challenges

Finding an End-to-end EMI solutions provider

There are several EMI product manufacturers in the market, both in India and across the world. Testing labs can also be found for EMI/EMC testing in every region.

However, industrial corporations and OEMs require a composite mix of EMI/EMC solutions – products from the catalog and custom solutions. Plus support and expert guidance to clear various EMI tests and compliance requirements.

What EMIS Offers

EMIS has the unique distinction of being an all-in-one solutions provider. We specialize in offering EMI/EMC solutions that suit a customer's exact requirements.

  • Consultancy services with team of experts to identify appropriate solutions
  • Extensive product portfolio for ordering from our Standard catalog
  • Custom designed and manufactured components for specific requirements
  • EMI Testing Labs accredited by NABL for EMC Testing

Compliance and certification regulations vary worldwide

EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) compliance is being insisted on by the major countries across the world to protect expensive and sensitive equipment. For instance, CE Marking of equipment is mandated in the European Union to certify compliance to EMI/EMC regulations. No Indian equipment vendor can export their goods to the EU without this.

In India, though there is no mandatory regulation on EMC compliance, STQC (standardisation, testing and quality certification) directorate has formulated an "EMC Compliance Certification Scheme" to enable Indian manufacturers meet various IS, EN, FCC, IEC EMC standards requirements.

  • CE marking for sale in the open European markets
  • Industrial (FCC) and Military Standards (MIL) for US markets
  • CISPR standards for product emission, immunity requirements and defining test methods
  • IEC standards for EMC
  • ISO Standards for automotive EMC issues

The EMIS advantage

  • Comprehensive Solutions to EMI/RFI/EMC requirements
  • Pioneer in EMI/EMC domain in India
  • Recognized and accepted in domestic and international markets for Quality, Cost, and Delivery
  • Custom designed solutions to match customer requirements
  • Safety certifications for EMI Filters (CSA, NEMKO, and UL)
  • NABL Accredited EMI/EMC Lab
  • DSIR recognized, modern test equipped R&D Center
  • Prompt and proactive customer support
  • Substantial exports to countries across the globe where EMI/RFI regulations are stringent
  • Best supplier award & consistent high supply ratings from major customers
  • ZED Certified Company

Your EMI Challenges

Conducted Emissions

Conducted emissions are the most common reason for EMI test failure. When emissions are too low to create permanent equipment damage, vendors tend to take them lightly. This results in excessive energy consumption and premature wear and tear of devices. Typically, only EMI testing can identify these emissions.

What EMIS offers

EMIS has an extensive product offering to tackle conducted emissions. For standard solutions, our products can be ordered directly from the product catalog. We also offer customised EMI/EMC components to suit a specific purpose.

  • EMI Filters for Consumer appliances, Office automation, PCB mount application, Medical Electronics, Industrial automation, VFD Drives, HVAC applications
  • Feed-through capacitors / filters
  • EMI/EMC Chokes
  • Military Grade facility filters
  • Tempest Filters
  • HEMP Filters for Power, data and Signal
  • Power Line reactors and Harmonic Filters
  • Surge / Lightning Protectors
  • Miniature Feed through Capacitors


Single Phase Filter

  • Integral IEC Connector
  • Excellent performance/size ratio
  • Rated current up to 10A
  • Medical versions available
  • High conducted attenuation performance

Application: Electrical & Electronic Equipment’s


Single Phase Filter

  • Integral IEC Connector
  • Excellent performance/size ratio
  • Single/Double Fuse Option
  • Rated currents up to 10 A
  • Double Pole/Single Throw Switch
  • Medical versions available
  • High conducted attenuation performance

Application: Medical Application

DC EMI Filter for Photo Voltaic Inverters

Single Phase Filter

  • Double stage filter
  • Medical Version available
  • High conducted attenuation performance
  • Superior Performance
  • Chassis mounting

Application: PV Inverters

Your EMI Challenges

EMP/HEMP filters to mitigate HEMP Pulses

High-altitude Electro-Magnetic Pulses generated from both natural and intentional sources can cause disturbance and damage to ground based electrical systems, aircraft, and vehicles. HEMP filters are designed to protect specific electrical assemblies, or sub-assemblies from HEMP Pulses.

What EMIS offers

EMIS offers advanced Power line filters for reliable protection from HEMP for power, data and Signal. Our HEMP filters and shielding products handle Point Of Entry protection from EMP. Our products are developed and tested as per MIL-STD-188-124 and compliant with all the HEMP protection methods specified.

Data Line Filter For Ethernet Filter with POE

Military Grade Filter

Data Line Filter For Ethernet Filter with POE
  • Very easy to Install
  • Very Compact.
  • Models with various data rate is available

Application: Defence Equipment

Serial Port RS422 EMP Surge Protector

Military Grade Filter

Serial Port RS422 EMP Surge Protector
  • Very easy to Install
  • Very Compact
  • Models with various data rate is available

Application: Defence Equipment

Data Line Filter For Ethernet Filter – RJ45

Military Grade Filter

Data Line Filter For Ethernet Filter - RJ45
  • Very easy to Install
  • Very Compact.
  • Models with various data rate is available

Application: Defence Equipment

Your EMI Challenges

Harmonic Distortions

Non linear loads such as rectifiers, inverters, speed variators and welding machines absorb periodic non-sine wave currents from the network. This results in deformation of the current (and voltage) causing several unwanted secondary effects. Harmonic filtering at the terminals of the harmonic generation loads or at the secondary distribution panels is the common solution to harmonic distortion in power lines.

What EMIS offers

EMIS has a newly launched range of products to support passive harmonic filtering. Our range of passive filters (Series/Shunt) suppress harmonic currents and decrease voltage distortion that appears in sensitive parts of the system.

Three Phase dv/dt Reactor

Power Quality Products

  • dv/dt reduction
  • Reduction of voltage stress at the motor
  • Protection of motor coil insulation from premature aging and destruction
  • Easy to install
  • Compact Design
  • Comply with Industry standards

Application: Motor Drive application with short cable length

Three Phase Passive Harmonic filter

Power Quality Products

  • Increases system efficiency and equipment life
  • Reduces losses
  • Eliminates nuisance tripping
  • High attenuation of individual harmonics
  • Improves reliability of the system
  • Reduce Operation and maintenance cost

Application: Motor Drives

Three Phase Reactor – 4% IMP

Power Quality Products

Three Phase Reactor - 4% IMP
  • Impedance at 4%
  • Reduction of main harmonics
  • Protection of motor drive electronics
  • Limitations of inrush Currents
  • Prevention from nuisance tripping caused by power line voltage spikes
  • Improvement of true power factor
  • Reduces Power Distortion and Low Ripple
  • Compliance with Industry standards

Impedance : 4% of rated voltage at rated current

Note: Custom built line reactors are available on Customer request.

Application: Power Quality Applications

Industries we work with

We are also offering the following EMC Suppression components from world leader in the respective field.

EMIS is leading Product Manufacturing & EMC Testing for over 20 years

EMI Solutions Pvt Ltd, known in short as EMIS, is the only one company in India, presently dedicated for providing Total Solutions related to EMI. The company manufacturing and trading in house test facility is capable of providing a ONE STOP SHOP for all EMI and trading related works as per customer's specifications.

  • 3.5

    Million units manufactured till date

  • 1000+

    Person years of experience

  • 7+

    Certifications and Awards

  • 30%

    sales is export oriented

How do feedthrough components help in eliminating EMI noise?

Feedthrough components play a very important role in the EMI suppression of electrical installations and equipment.

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EMIS product offerings are used in many different industries, ranging from industrial Machinery, Medical, and Domestic to Military

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