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In the construction of large commercial and office complexes, setting up the electrical infrastructure is a critical consideration. Office buildings, railway stations, hospitals, airports, hotels, etc require careful planning and deployment of electrical equipment with special focus on EMI/EMC.


Issues of power supply, power quality as well as lighting and air conditioning are the main areas of focus. Minimising power consumption and ensuring 24X7 operations with zero breakdown are important for these sites. There is a high density of electrical equipment in these campuses and therefore largely susceptible to EMI.

EMI filters can be a valuable add-on to these systems for lowering the EMI levels of the equipment without significantly impacting the cost, size, or function. EMI filters are designed and manufactured specifically for these applications to limit the noise generated to an acceptable safe level.

Many countries in the world have their own safety standards for EMI filters. So they should be selected based on what is approved by the safety standards of the countries to which the device will be exported.

EMIS offers

Single Phase EMI Filters

High attenuation, compact size. Available also with shock proof terminals.

  • Power line filters
  • Surge Suppressors
  • Filters for dV / dt voltage spikes

3 Phase filters

General purpose, cost effective filters. High performance with shock proof terminals.

  • Conventional type
  • Book shelf design
  • Foot Print Design
  • Bus bar type
  • Panel mount

Harmonic Filters

Passive and active filters for ignition and power systems

AC Line Reactors

Helps to reduce harmonic distortion and increase automotive component lifetime, limit the flow of electrical current in transient, short circuit currents, attenuate line spikes and surge currents.

  • Single phase and three phase Line Reactors with 2-5% impedance for various power quality applications
  • Consisting of steel core electrical grade laminations and copper wound coils.
  • Designed corresponding to EN 61558-2-20, EN 60076-6, UL61800-5-1 specifications.

Other solutions

for EMI noise suppression include:

  • Shielding for circuits and sub-assemblies
  • Output Ferrite Chokes for on-board communication units
  • Comprehensive Grounding and coupling solutions
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