Surge Lightening Protectors

Surge protection devices suppress the excess voltage, divert it safely to the ground and prevents it from causing any harm. Surge or Lightening Protector is designed to provide Line to Line protection and Line to Ground protection.
Operating Voltage of the Surge or Lightening protector is greater than the normal operating voltage of the device or system to be protected.
During the normal operating condition, the Surge or Lightening are non-functional as they provide a high impedance path between Lines to Ground.
During the event of lightning, the Surge or Lightening protector provides a low impedance path for the entire surge to be by-passed to the ground.

Types of Surge Protection

  • TYPE 1 SPD - Recommended for service-sector and industrial buildings protected by a lightning protection system or a meshed cage.
    It protects electrical installations against direct lightning strokes. It can discharge the back-current from lightning spreading from the earth conductor to the network conductors.
    Type 1 SPD is characterized by a 10/350 μs current wave.
  • TYPE 2 SPD - Main protection system for all low voltage electrical installations. Installed in each electrical switchboard, it prevents the spread of over-voltages in the electrical installations and protects the loads.
    Type 2 SPD is characterized by an 8/20 μs current wave.
  • TYPE 3 SPD - have low discharge capacity. They must be mandatorily installed as a supplement to Type 2 SPD and in the vicinity of sensitive loads.
    Type 3 SPD is characterized by a combination of voltage waves (1.2/50 μs) and current waves (8/20 μs)


  • Electronic Equipment
  • Industrial Automation and machine tools
  • Variable Frequency Drives and various adjustable speed drive systems
  • Home appliances, air conditioners

What EMIS Offers

EMIS has a strong presence in solutions for surge protection.
High reliability, MIL-grade solutions not only provide one of the smallest footprints available in the market, but also the added flexibility of widely ranging interconnect options for ease of integration into existing systems.
Comprehensive Testing and consultancy services can also be availed to meet various industry and military standards.
  • Lightning protectors for railway signalling, homes, industries
  • Surge suppressors - Single phase / Three phase voltage spike Suppressor for circuit with high speed switching devices with LED Indication.
  • RC Filters – Single phase / Three phase voltage spike suppressors for circuit with Relays/Contactors and high speed switching devices.
  • RC network - substantially minimize the occurrence of arcing and noise generation in relay and switch contacts

Mounting, Construction, Ratings

Single Phase Surge Suppressors : 20KA, 40KA
Mounting : Din Rail Mounting
Failure Monitoring : LED Indication
Note: Customer specific solutions are also delivered on request, apart from filters and shielding solutions from the product catalog.
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    Electronic Equipments

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    Electronic Equipments